Vascular Skin Lesions

A large number of women and men suffer from vascular skin disorders of the blood vessels, also known as vascular lesions. These skin conditions vary in types and size.

Some vascular malformations are known to be hereditary while some lesions are believed to be acquired later in life as a result of some sort of injury.

Treated Vascular Skin Problems


Individuals frequently seek treatment of vascular lesions for both medical and cosmetic reasons. No matter the intentions, Tighter Lines Aesthetics specializes in treating vascular lesions and restoring your skin's natural look.

Our advanced laser treatments are tailored for each individual. All of our treatments are performed in our office by a trained physician.

Treatments differ depending on the characteristics and location of the vascular lesion(s). Discomfort is usually minimal with very little to no downtime. However, individual cases and sessions may vary depending on the individual person's skin and goals.

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