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Linda Gordon

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner DNP

Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?
30 years of counseling in vascular risk plus years of training in facial esthetics allow me to provide my clients with a unique approach to their health.
Tighter Lines facial aesthetics came about because of the joy and excitement when I see a client who feels confident and refreshed from receiving a treatment for facial lines, facial volume loss, fading lips, or a double chin. Feeling better about appearance does affect confidence and it has been shown through clinical studies to improve patient’s mood and depression. So, is beauty only skin deep?
For 30 years, I have been practicing in the realm of illness. As an acute care nurse practitioner, I have been devoted to interventional cardiology and developing a risk reduction that focused on reducing risk factors for heart disease. (WSJ) Recently studies have shown that people who feel depressed have an increased risk of heart disease. Studies have also demonstrated the benefits of neuromodulators such as Botox on depression and general wellbeing. So, can feeling good about our appearance and how we look translate to less risk for heart disease? I believe that when people are happy about their outside appearance they feel less stress and that may translate to a healthier environment inside the body. Wellness is the focus of Tighter Lines Aesthetics and includes not just the outside appearance but the inner health of our heart and vasculature.
As we live longer and work longer in a competitive environment we need to care for our appearance and our vascular health.
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